Apex Plumbing and Heating
Apex Plumbing and Heating
No wonder the vaillant boiler kept overheating and locking out with various error codes. Burnt out pump and flow through the heat exchanger severely blocked by all this...in one rubber hose.
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Apex Plumbing and Heating
We were commissioned to address the poor performance of a Megaflo Unvented water system. Customer could only run one shower at a time. If other outlets were used - another shower, flushing a toilet, running a tap, a washing machine or dishwasher, etc - the flow drops off or stops completely. Extremely frustrating, to say the least!

We specified and installed a DAB constant pressure pump and break tank to ensure optimum pressure and flow to the Megaflo Unvented system.

It now performs as it should🙂.
No issues with running three showers, a bath and several taps, plus flushing toilets for good measure. Everyone's happy, and no more dramas!

A well designed system should be fit-for-purpose and perform like a dream!
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Apex Plumbing and Heating
With the heating season upon us, a few tips to help stay warm:

*If your radiators have thermostatic valves (TRVs), make best use of them. Don't just have them ALL fully open!

*If some rooms are not warming up, turn down the radiators in the warmest rooms. This helps balance and distribute the available heat.

*Most boilers have flow temperature control and this directly affects the radiator temperature. A lower temperature enables the boiler to operate more efficiently, and is usually more comfortable for the occupants.

*Sometimes it's more comfortable to leave your heating on (maybe with the thermostat a degree or two lower) instead of switching it on and off. A smart room stat enables different temperatures for different times of the day/night. If you have it, use it.

*Ideally, a boiler should fire up and stay on, rather than cycling. Cycling is when the boiler fires up, gets too hot, then shuts down...and repeats this sequence. This is inefficient for both the boiler and heat distribution.

*If you have weather compensation controls, remember the heating curve can be adjusted to suit your preferences.
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Apex Plumbing and Heating
When you trust your (ex) builder to fit a basin, and realise why it's leaking. Unbelievable!
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Megaflo - Yes or No?

Upgrading to a Megaflo (or Unvented) hot water system can significantly boost the performance of showers, and infact all outlets throughout your home. BUT, the overall performance is heavily dependant on your cold water supply. Typically, this is the incoming mains to your property, and can vary significantly from one property to another.

The minimum requirement is typically 1.5 bar (pressure), and 20 litres/minute (flow), for a single bathroom property. More bathrooms are likely to require more pressure and flow!
It's commonly misunderstood, but a Megaflo does not increase or create water pressure; it simply makes use of the incoming supply (which can be boosted if necessary).

Do not assume a Megaflo system will always guarantee high performance! Unfortunately, it's not as simple as that, plus it's very easy to cut corners! Everything needs to be specified and installed correctly to suit the water system.

A significant proportion of our enquiries relate to issues with poor performance. Typically, unpredictable showers with fluctuating temperatures; usually when another outlet is used - a tap, bath, another shower. Or simply flushing a toilet!

BEFORE installing any Megaflo (or Unvented) system, the installer must measure the incoming water supply, and design the system accordingly. This information will enable the optimum system to be implemented.
In some (rare) instances, we have even recommended the customer stick with their traditional vented gravity system. Sometimes due to space, layout or budget, the cost-benefit ratio would make it uneconomical.
We often make recommendations based on what we would do in our own home. Any competent, honest and responsible installer would do the same. Without hesitation!

If you're in the Guildford and surrounding areas, we can help! If not, we're happy to advise or answer any queries - just post a message...