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Megaflo - Yes or No?

Upgrading to a Megaflo (or Unvented) hot water system can significantly boost the performance of showers, and infact all outlets throughout your home. BUT, the overall performance is heavily dependant on your cold water supply. Typically, this is the incoming mains to your property, and can vary significantly from one property to another.

The minimum requirement is typically 1.5 bar (pressure), and 20 litres/minute (flow), for a single bathroom property. More bathrooms are likely to require more pressure and flow!
It's commonly misunderstood, but a Megaflo does not increase or create water pressure; it simply makes use of the incoming supply (which can be boosted if necessary).

Do not assume a Megaflo system will always guarantee high performance! Unfortunately, it's not as simple as that, plus it's very easy to cut corners! Everything needs to be specified and installed correctly to suit the water system.

A significant proportion of our enquiries relate to issues with poor performance. Typically, unpredictable showers with fluctuating temperatures; usually when another outlet is used - a tap, bath, another shower. Or simply flushing a toilet!

BEFORE installing any Megaflo (or Unvented) system, the installer must measure the incoming water supply, and design the system accordingly. This information will enable the optimum system to be implemented.
In some (rare) instances, we have even recommended the customer stick with their traditional vented gravity system. Sometimes due to space, layout or budget, the cost-benefit ratio would make it uneconomical.
We often make recommendations based on what we would do in our own home. Any competent, honest and responsible installer would do the same. Without hesitation!

If you're in the Guildford and surrounding areas, we can help! If not, we're happy to advise or answer any queries - just post a message...
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Attended a Megaflo with erratic performance! At times just reduced water flow, and other times, no water at all! Always unpredictable.

Being familiar with this issue, we proceeded with a swift diagnosis and verification, then a quick and simple fix...spot the difference...
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During the recent freezing conditions, if your Megaflo tundish was full of water and leaking onto the floor, then the safety discharge pipe was probably frozen!
Dripping through this pipe indicates the system requires attention. It's normally a dry pipe, and dripping will occur if one of the safety valves is operating.
Once the pipe thaws, the dripping will continue, but discharge externally or to a safe location.
However, the source of the problem still needs addressing.
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Apex Plumbing and Heating
Wishing all a very Happy New Year from Apex Plumbing and Heating.
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Apex Plumbing and Heating
Very impressed with the Pro Series 1400 water softener installed today. Ideal for Megaflo (or unvented) main pressure water systems. Superb flow rates with incredibly soft water...
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Apex Plumbing and Heating
System pressure.
If you have a combi boiler or a sealed heating system (usually accompanied by a pressure gauge on the boiler or somewhere nearby), then the pressure of the system is important.

It's typically set to 1 bar (when the system is cold), and may increase slightly when the heating is on.
If the pressure falls below, approximately 0.5 bar, the boiler may not operate, and the pressure will need topping up. This is done via the filling loop - usually a flexible braided pipe.
If this happens regularly and often, then it may indicate a leak somewhere in the system.

So, if your boiler isn't working, check the pressure first, it may just need topping up, and it could save you a call out...
Stay warm🌡