“reliable heating installation by a knowledgeable heating engineer”

Guildford based heating engineers, Apex Plumbing and Heating, specialise in unvented hot water systems and high efficiency heating systems. Located near Guildford, Surrey we serve customers within a 20 mile radius covering Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

As independent heating engineers, we are not aligned to specific manufacturers, but enjoy the freedom to specify and install products based solely on quality and reliability.
Whilst embracing new technology, we continuously strive to deliver the most advanced heating systems to our customers.
Being obsessed with the technicalities of heating systems, and backed-up with direct access to manufacturer’s technical data, enable us to focus on heating performance, efficiency and value for money.
Modern heating systems benefit from weather compensation and modulating controls to deliver superior comfort levels and increased heating efficiency. This is our area of significant expertise!

Our active involvement with Ecotechnicians affords guidance and expertise. This ensures we continue to set new standards within the UK Heating industry.
Our thirst for high quality heating installations is supplemented with regular and on-going training, a passion to work to the best of our ability, and last but not least, a strong focus on customer service.

All installations are based on fixed price written quotations, and we typically specify and install systems to a standard we would demand for our own home.
Customer care, honesty and reliability are important to us. We work with integrity and professionalism, we work to the best of our ability, and we constantly maintain our focus on delivering exceptional workmanship at all times.
We’re not the cheapest, but as our testimonials confirm, we thrive on delivering exceptional quality with outstanding service.


Over the last twenty years, gas-fired condensing technology has developed significantly, leading to condensing boilers which offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased comfort
  • Energy efficiency and associated cost-savings
  • Reduced emissions and noise levels
  • Improved design, with reduced size to fit any building setting
  • Flexibility to highly fluctuating requirements for heating and hot water
  • Internet connectivity facilitates easy control, and decreased levels of gas usage by monitoring your time at home

Condensing boilers, when correctly installed, are impressive to live with, providing copious amounts of hot water and warm comfortable homes. However, these benefits can only be realised if the installation is correctly implemented, as intended by the controls and boiler design engineers.

Ecotechnicians are a group of reassuringly knowledgeable heating engineers, who have taken the time to fully understand what the design engineers intended and can implement these practices to guarantee an uncompromisingly reliable and efficient heating installation.

As well as offering the benefit of our skills as heating engineers, we are also a boiler installation initiative – we run professional development programmes for Gas Safe registered installers, guiding and educating installers to adopt advanced working practices to satisfy public demand for modern, efficient heating systems.

Why choose an Ecotechnician?

Ecotechnicians was set up by experienced boiler installers who believe in offering high quality installations. We share in-depth and technical information to both installers and the general public. This explains and promotes optimum heating system design and the importance of correct boiler installation.

Spending money on a new boiler is rarely welcomed; it can be a stressful, costly and hurried purchase which most homeowners could do without. Many opt for large companies or recognised brand names for their installation, but pay little consideration to any other additional work required. Often an existing heating will need some enhancements to take full advantage of a new high efficiency boiler. This requires a comprehensive and technical understanding of how heating systems work. Unfortunately, many heating engineers do not fully understand what they are doing and this is where problems can arise:

  • Existing heating systems need to be reviewed by someone technically competent, and adapted if necessary, to function efficiently with a modern condensing boiler
  • Boiler controls are important. Most new boiler controls offer significant gains in efficiency, comfort and user convenience. This is often overlooked and rarely upgraded, leading to modern condensing boilers being installed alongside technology developed over 50 years ago
  • Correct system design and boiler installation will ensure optimum efficiency and will be less likely to fail prematurely – a costly and completely avoidable issue

So, what is an Ecotechnician?

An Ecotechnician is a heating appliance installer, such as a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, who carries out installation, repair, servicing and commissioning of heating appliances, for example a gas condensing boilers, to maximise reliability and efficiency whilst increasing comfortability. This is influenced by analysing northern European regulations and practices, as well as practices from other colder climates which require higher efficiency. By implementing these practices, Ecotechnicians expect the boiler service life to be in excess of 15 years (with regular boiler servicing and maintenance), reduce gas bills by 15-20%, and considerably enhance system reliability and performance.

Why use an Ecotechnician?

Customers can expect to find Ecotechnicians have high standards of competency and technical understanding of modern heating technology. Ecotechnicians are required to undergo regular Continued Professional Development (CPD) training, as well as participate in the Ecotechnicians peer to peer training forum, to ensure our status as No.1 in the UK heating industry. This training and information sharing on the forum keeps engineers up to date and aware of the many pitfalls and advantages associated with changing technology. They also have access to in-depth training, manufacturers and other industry experts for direct support. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from a correctly specified heating system that will maximise your heating systems efficiency and life.

Ecotechnicians are continuously reviewing products that enter the European marketplace to develop their methods and understanding of heating for optimum performance and efficiency. We also continuously monitor the ever-changing standards of the industry. This gives the customer the opportunity to make the most well informed decision for their investment.

Ecotechnicians are vetted and accepted according to their level of current training, enthusiasm, commitment, ability to adopt new working practices and accept support from peers. The foundation course is “an appreciation of the CIBSE heating system design guide that covers topics as wide ranging as heat loss, radiator sizing, pipe sizing, boiler sizing and pump sizing.”

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