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Electric Unvented

It is quite common for electric Megaflo unvented hot water systems to be installed, when properties are not connect to the gas network. These are known as Direct cylinders and are often installed in flats with Economy 7 or Economy 10 heating.
Where economy tariffs are available, we recommend installing dual immersion heaters; one to take advantage of the economy tariff and the other as an ad-hoc booster for periods when additional hot water is required.

Electric unvented cylinders use immersion heaters to heat the water; this is exactly the same as with a direct vented cylinder.

The performance of the unvented hot water system relies primarily on the system design and the pressure and flow from the mains water supply.

Electric unvented cylinders deliver all the benefits of indirect unvented hot water systems; high performance mains pressure water to all hot and cold outlets, including baths and showers, all without the need for pumps.


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