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Apex Plumbing and Heating
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Sealed heating systems.

If your external expansion vessel has a brass fitting similar to this, then be forever grateful to the installer!

The expansion vessel is an essential part of any sealed heating system, and unfortunately, too many heating engineers simply overlook this.
It should be checked annually, and repressurised where necessary.

With this valve, the whole testing procedure takes less than 5 minutes. Without it? Potentially several hours...that's why it often doesn't get checked!

Most engineers don't install these valves. Is it because they don't appreciate it's function, or purely for cost savings? It doesn't make sense!

We ALWAYS install these valves. For the sake of £20, it's false economy not to!
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Apex Plumbing and Heating is in Guildford.
Ever wondered what's inside that expensive unassuming white box on the wall?
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Always a pleasure servicing our own boiler and Megaflo installations.
Installed to the highest standards together with careful forethought to the on-going routine maintenance, ensures we can work methodically and efficiently.

Coincidentally, both these installations are Worcester CDi boilers with Megaflo unvented cylinders, installed about 5 years ago.
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Sometimes we get to work from home and recycle bits of scrap copper.
No leaks...guaranteed 😉
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Annual Megaflo and Vaillant boiler service for one of our own installations in West Horsley.

Followed by a two more Megaflo services in Horsell, Surrey - one in the main house and another in the annex.

We were pleased to notice a "little known", but very annoying fault with the pressure reducing valve. It interrupts or even stops the hot water at any outlet, at any time!
Luckily, an easy fix when you're aware of the cause!

Considering unvented cylinders should only be installed by G3 qualified engineers, it's worrying to see basic safety controls incorrectly installed.😱
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Apex Plumbing and Heating
Couple of Megaflo repairs in Farnham and (near) Basingstoke. Plus a Worcester boiler service in Crowthorne.

Normally a Megaflo repair is completed on the first visit. Not just by chance, but because we've probably seen it before. Also, with our extensive range of genuine spare parts, we can just get on and fix it.
A poor installation often impacts on how long a repair takes. It can more than double the time taken when compared to a good quality installation. Worse still, some don't even have a drain point...so even longer!😱

The good news is we operate fixed priced servicing and repairs for Megaflo cylinders.
So far, we have always managed to honour this...
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