Hot water cylinder full of limescale😭.

Whenever we replace an immersion heater we try to offer the most cost effective solution. In this case, simply replacing the immersion heater would get the hot water working again, but it will very quickly burn out again!

If the cylinder is full of limescale, it needs to be cleared. Water needs to circulate around the heating element to efficiently transfer heat to the water. With the limescale encasing the heating element, it will get too hot, and burn out.

Unfortunately, this significantly increases the cost of the overall job, as does supplying a long life, scale resistant Titanium immersion heater. However, it’s much more cost effective, than having a “cheap fix”, which at best, will only last a few months! Whilst the cylinder is drained down, it makes sense to do the job properly!
Make sure all quotes compare like-with-like…

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