Megaflo Consultancy

Apex Plumbing and Heating offer a consultancy and advisory service to both installers and customers where we are not directly involved with the installation. This may be for various reasons, such as builders using their own plumbers, projects outside our service area, or simply to obtain a second opinion for confirmation or peace-of-mind.
Where practicable, we will make on-site visits, as and when required, and any work (including travel time) will be chargeable at our standard hourly rates.

Free email advice


This is a free email only service, whereby we offer our professional advice to assist with any problems, issues or concerns associated with hot water systems. We endeavour to answer all emails and welcome pictures or video clips, if it helps to describe or illustrate the issue. We do not anticipate making any on-site visits outside of our service area.

Quote Reviews

With an increasing number of enquiries from outside our service area, we now offer our unique Quote Review Service. This is exclusively for domestic installations, and we will check for any obvious or glaring errors.

Like our Troubleshooting service, this is an email only service and we do not anticipate making any on-site visits outside of our service area.
Without the benefit of an on-site visit, we can only check technical details and specifications, together with approximate costings. Project estimates will vary according to where you are in the country, and any guidance or comments on pricing will be based on our local knowledge and experiences in South East England.

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