Megaflo Service

Megaflo and Unvented Systems benefit from regular servicing and maintenance. In fact, many people don’t realise, but most manufacturers stipulate annual servicing as part of their warranty terms and conditions.

Unvented cylinders are typically constructed from duplex stainless steel, backed-up with a lifetime or 25 year warranty. However, the functional components are typically covered for 2-5 years, depending on the specific component.

Servicing guidelines vary amongst manufacturers and specific models. However, the primary objective is to ensured continue safe and trouble-free operation. Servicing normally includes the following items:

  • visual inspection and general health check
  • clean inlet filter
  • check pressure reducing valve
  • check and test all safety controls
  • check thermostat control and motorised valve
  • check immersion element and thermostat
  • check safety discharge pipe
  • recharge internal air bubble or check expansion vessel.
  • check secondary circulation pump where fitted.

The Hot Water Association (HWA) publishes a generic Service Guide describing the steps involved in servicing an unvented hot water cylinder. This aims to specify an agreed “best practice” approach to hot water cylinder servicing: Servicing Guide 2018.pdf

Lack of Megaflo Servicing

Problems may only become apparent once a leak develops, or reduced performance or possibly some other issue. We repair all makes of unvented cylinders and carry most common Megaflo spares on our vans. Unfortunately, genuine spares are certainly not cheap, but on the positive side, they are still available!

Megaflo PRV - leaking and corroded
Megaflo PRV Cartridge
Leaking Megaflo PRV
Leaking Megaflo Combination Valve
Burnt Megaflo Immersion Thermostat
Burnt Megaflo Immersion Thermostat
Megaflo Standard Efficiency PRV - leaking badly!
Leaking Megaflo Combination Valve (coated with years of limescale!)
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