Sealed Heating Systems

If you have an external expansion vessel. and it has a brass fitting similar to this, then be forever grateful to the installer!

Expansion vessels are an integral part of any sealed heating system. They regulate the pressure within the system, and if it’s not working correctly, you will have no end of problems. It should be checked annually, and repressurised where necessary, but unfortunately, too many heating engineers simply overlook this.

With this valve, the whole testing procedure takes less than 5 minutes. Without it? Potentially several hours…that’s probably why it often doesn’t get checked!

This valve enables isolation of the expansion vessel so the water can be released and the air pressure checked. If it’s low, it just needs pumping up, just like car tyres!

Most engineers don’t install these valves. Simply because they don’t appreciate it’s function, or purely for cost savings? It’s false economy, and in our opinion doesn’t make sense!

We ALWAYS install these valves. For the sake of £20, it’s false economy not to!

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